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Communication skills

The Psychology of Mathematics

Change your life for the better and you change the world for the better.

Mind Too

We want to teach you how to empower yourself!
5 areas of human skills and compaetanse

We want to teach you how you transform your limitations into recourses. - We want to teach you the mathematics of psychology - How to stay coherent with your heart in all situations. - How to get access to your energy at any time. - How to tap into your hidden recourses. - How to build your unique character the way you want. - How to always be in integrity what ever happens. When you subscribe to our training you also subscribe to a video library with all the skills you learned. You also subscribe to a community with people who are passionate to grow as individuals and as teams and communities. It does not matter what age you are or where you live – everyone can learn this.

Torill Elise Iversen – Founder of Mind Too


We want to create a place where people learn how to empower themselves. We want peace on earth in our lifetime.

We will love to hear from you.

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